Pending Public Formal Statements of Charges and Answers (NRS 1.467)

In the Matter of the Honorable Melanie Andress-Tobiasson

*PLEASE NOTE*: The Commission has not filed a Formal Statement of Charges; however, the case is under investigation.  By Order dated May 10, 2019 (Case No. 77551), the Nevada Supreme Court lifted its stay of the judicial discipline proceedings in this matter.

    In the Matter of the Honorable Jennifer Henry

    *PLEASE NOTE*:  The Nevada Supreme Court has lifted the stay in this matter pursuant to its denial of Respondent’s Writ Petition listed below (135 Nev., Advanced Opinion 5).  Accordingly, this matter will be set for hearing in the near future and the Commission’s Order Setting Public Hearing will be posted below as well as under the “Public Hearing Schedules” tab on the Commission’s website.