Appearance of Impropriety

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
02/11/05 JE05-002 2, 2A; 3C(4) May a judge hire a relative as a law clerk?
11/13/06 JE06-018 2, 2A, 3B(7)(c) May a district court staff attorney who, in part, functions on a multi-year basis as a law clerk for a judge, act as a temporary Family Court Master where his or her findings and recommendations will be reviewed by the judge who directs and supervises the staff attorney? 
05/22/07 JE07-006 2; 3B(7), 3E(1)(a) May a full-time district court master appointed pursuant to NRS 3.045 also serve as a continuing part-time justice of the peace?
06/14/07 JE07-007 2A; 4G Does a justice of the peace serving in the Air Force Reserve as a judge advocate general (JAG) violate judicial canons and the Nevada statute prohibiting the practice of law and may the judge be compensated as a reservist? 
08/31/07 JE07-010 2A; 3E(1)(a) Does a juvenile probation officer serving as a justice of the peace pro-tem violate judicial canons?
08/23/13 JE13-004
1. Rule 1.2; 2, Rules
2.2, 2.4 and 2.13
May a court employee such as the Court Administrator serve as a pro tempore judge in a justice or municipal court?
03/28/14 JE14-001
1, Rule 1.2; 2,
Rule 2.13; 3,
Rules 3.1 and 3.9
May an elected limited jurisdiction judge serve as a special master or pro tempore judge in another court?
01/07/15 JE14-006
1; Rule 1.2;
2; Rule 2.12
1. May a court employee who, prior to acceptance of employment with the court, was a facilitator of domestic battery treatment counseling in the community along with the employee's spouse (pursuant to NRS 200.485(3)), continue to provide said counseling services after accepting employment with the court?
2. If a court employee is prohibited from continuing to provide these counseling services, may the court employee's spouse continue providing said counseling services so long as the court employee is removed from involvement m the counseling services?                      
10/11/17  JE17-002
1; Rule 1.3;
 3; Rule 3.10; 3.11 and 3.13
May a recently appointed judge, after being sworn as a judge, abide by the terms of the former law firm’s partnership agreement and accept payments for vested equity units in the partnership over a four year installment payout?