Letters & Recommendations

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
10/20/08 JE98-006 2B, 5A(1)(b)** May a judge submit a private letter to the appointing authority supporting a candidate for appointment to a judicial office? May a judge write a private letter of support endorsing a candidate for election to a public office?
06/03/03 JE03-002 2B, 5A(1)(b),
5C(1)(a)(i), 5D**
1. May a judge use judicial stationary to send congratulation letters to successful candidates in State or County elections?
2. To what extent, if any, may a judge assist a candidate for election to either judicial or non-judicial office?
05/07/04 JE04-004 2B, 4B, 5A(1), 5A(1)(b), 5B(2), 5C(1)** 1. May a judge write a letter of recommendation on behalf of a candidate for admission to law school?*
2. May a judge write a letter of support on behalf of a doctor in a medical licensing hearing?*
3. May a judge write a letter to a county commission in support of a candidate for district attorney?*
4. May a judge serve as president of his neighborhood association, including appearing publicly on behalf of the association to advocate for or against rezoning matters? (Does not apply to this topic, see Serving on Boards & Associations)
08/30/07 JE07-009 2A and 2B Does a Nevada jurist violate judicial canons if he or she serves as a reference for a candidate for appointment to another judicial office?
12/20/10 JE10-014 1, Rule 1.3;
3, Rules 3.2 and 3.3
May a judge provide a reference letter for an applicant in a foster care licensing program where the reference seeks information on the applicant's character, behavior and experience with children?
12/23/10 JE10-015 1, Rules 1.2 and
1.3; 2, Rule 2.8;
3, Rule 3.1
May a judge use court resources to prepare and send a letter to jurors following their release from jury duty thanking them for their service and asking for input on improving the experience of jury service?
02/22/11 JE11-002 1, Rule 1.3 May a judge provide a reference letter for a person whom the judge has known personally for years but with whom the judge has never worked?
04/01/11 JE11-003 3, Rules 3.1 and 3.2 May a judge submit a letter to the Nevada Legislature requesting continued State funding of a Family to Family Connection program operated through the Department of Health and Human Services?
09/01/11 JE11-010 1, Rule 1.3 May a Nevada district court judge furnish a letter of recommendation for an individual who has applied to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate?
09/25/12 JE12-010 1, Rule 1.3 1. May a judge provide a generalized letter of recommendation for a project manager based on the judge's personal knowledge of the project manager's work performance?
2. If so, may such a letter be issued on official court letterhead?