Court Administration

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
10/22/99 JE99-006 2A, 4G May a court and its judges assist in the preparation and distribution of standard forms to be completed by litigants as well as printed information describing how to properly fill out and submit such forms?
04/19/02 JE02-002 2A; 3C(2); 4C(2) May district court employees work as election polling center supervisors in response to a directive from the county manager?
02/11/05 JE05-002 2, 2A; 3C(4) May a judge hire a relative as a law clerk?
11/13/06 JE06-018 2, 2A, 3B(7)(c) May a district court staff attorney who, in part, functions on a multi-year basis as a law clerk for a judge, act as a temporary Family Court Master where his or her findings and recommendations will be reviewed by the judge who directs and supervises the staff attorney?
04/26/07 JE07-003 None May a court solicit survey responses from criminal defendants as to the performance of contract attorneys assigned by the court to represent them?
08/22/08 JE08-010 2B; 4C(3)(b) May the official website of a court, which provides information to self-represented individuals in family law matters, also list the names of attorneys with links to the attorneys' websites where the attorneys have volunteered in a program which offers self-represented individuals a free consultation with a lawyer regarding family law matters?
09/09/08 JE08-011 1; 2A; 3A; 4A, 4B May a judge present a segment in the training of reserve officers on courtroom demeanor?
04/30/09 JE09-004 3C(1), 3C(3),
May the chief judge of a justice court adopt and implement a case management procedure that effectively disqualifies a justice court judge of such court from presiding in domestic violence cases because the judge so disqualified was convicted of the misdemeanor offense of battery domestic violence?
08/23/13 JE13-004 1, Rule 1.2; 2, Rules 2.2, 2.4 and 2.13 May a court employee such as the Court Administrator serve as a pro tempore judge in a justice or municipal court?
06/04/14 JE14-002 1, Rule 1.2; 2, Rules 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 & 2.5 May a district court purchase and use case law search engine software created, managed and provided for profit by an attorney who practices before the same court?
01/07/15 JE14-006
1, Rule 1.2; 
2; Rule 2.12
1. May a court employee who, prior to acceptance of employment with the court, was a facilitator of domestic battery treatment counseling in the community along with the employee's spouse (pursuant to NRS 200.485(3)), continue to provide said counseling services after accepting employment with the court?
2. If a court employee is prohibited from continuing to provide these counseling services, may the court employee's spouse continue providing said counseling services so long as the court employee is removed from involvement m the counseling services?
07/28/17 JE17-001


1, Rule 1.3; 
2, Rule 2.12(A); 
3, Rules 3.7 and 3.10
Does a proposed amendment to the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct set forth in NRPC 6.1 to 6.5 which would permit judicial law clerks in counties with a population in excess of one hundred thousand to perform pro bono work potentially violate the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct?