Practicing Law

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
08/18/98 JE98-003 1; 2; 4G May a district court judge assist a prosecutor in preparing a case for criminal prosecution that the judge handled as prosecutor prior to his appointment or election to judicial office?
08/18/98 JE98-004 None May a continuing part-time judge of a municipal court practice law before the district court which has appellate jurisdiction over that municipal court?
06/07/99 JE99-004 1; 2 May a continuing part-time master appointed by the court to handle paternity and support issues practice family law in the same judicial district where he or she handles family law matters as a master?
05/08/00 JE00-002 2, 4 May a justice of the peace, serving in a township where the justice is permitted to engage in the practice of law, be partner, shareholder or associate in a law firm?
01/22/01  JE01-001
2, 2A, 2B; 3A;
4, 4A, 4E, 4F, 4G
May a full-time justice court judge also work as an attorney in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceedings, accept appointments as a Receiver in federal cases, act as an arbitrator or own and operate an attorney-assisted paralegal service?
03/17/04 JE04-003 2A; 3E(1) May an attorney who serves as a judge pro tem practice law in the court where the attorney serves as judge?
09/15/06 JE06-015 4, 4A, 4G May an elected, "continuing part-time judge" represent a party in litigation in another court which is related to a matter which was heard and decided by the continuing part-time judge in his or her court? 
11/16/06 JE06-019 4G May a judge who assisted in the preparation of the by-laws and articles of incorporation for his/her homeowners association prior to his/her taking the bench now assist in amending the by-laws and covenants, conditions and restrictions?
12/22/09 JE09-006 5C(2)** May a person continue in their office or employment while a candidate for judicial office if employed in a position of administrative prosecutorial authority by an agency, corporation or other public institution that is established by Nevada statute or court rule?
10/07/11 JE11-013 2, Rule 2.11(A)(6);
3, Rules 3.10 and
May a continuing part-time Nevada justice court judge undertake an engagement to represent a government, governmental agency or political subdivision of a government in connection with his or her private practice of law?
03/15/13 JE13-001
3, Rules 3.1, 3.10
and 3.11
1. May a lawyer who is elected as a justice of the peace base the purchase price of his or her former practice on a percentage of the private practice's billed and collected gross revenue over a set period after the date of the sale?
2. May a judge assist the purchaser of his former practice in matters that were ongoing at the time of the sale of the practice?
3. May a judge continue to pay employees of his former law practice as employees of his professional corporation after taking the bench?
4. How long does a judge who is named as a trustee or successor trustee in a client trust have to remove himself as a fiduciary and/or trustee?
05/13/13 JE13-002 3, Rule 3.11 1. May a lawyer who is appointed to the bench sell his practice to a lawyer who will appear before him regularly if the sale will be structured to require a one-time lump sum payment at closing?
2. May a lawyer who is appointed to the bench maintain an interest in a building in which space is leased by the State of Nevada and occupied by the Nevada State Public Defender?
06/14/13 JE13-003 1, Rules 1.2 and 1.3; 3, Rules 3.1 and 3.10; 4, Rule 4.1(A) 1. May a judge act as an informal legal advisor to a political organization, and does the answer differ if the judge is a justice of the peace or a municipal court judge?
2. May an office holder or member of a political organization use the resources of the political organization to support a judicial candidate?
10/01/14 JE14-005
1, Rules 1.2 and
1.3; 3, Rules 3.1
and 3.10; 4, Rule
May a justice of the peace in a township with a population of less than 60,000 represent a petitioner in a habeus corpus proceeding outside the justice's jurisdiction?
07/28/17 JE17-001
1, Rule 1.3; 
2, Rule 2.12(A); 
3, Rules 3.7 and 3.10
Does a proposed amendment to the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct set forth in NRPC 6.1 to 6.5 which would permit judicial law clerks in counties with a population in excess of one hundred thousand to perform pro bono work potentially violate the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct?