Subpoenas & Testimony

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
04/19/04 JE05-003 4A, 4C(1) 1. Is a sitting judge precluded from offering the legislative or executive branch of state government his/her observations or advise on a topic dealing with legal matters or the court?
2 If such an observation or representation is made on behalf of a group or organization made up of judges and one or more judges disagrees with the majority, may the judge, or judges, in the minority convey this dissenting information to the legislative or administrative branch?
12/15/05 JE05-005 2.2B May a judge provide records generated in a professional capacity as a marriage and family therapist prior to taking the bench when served with a subpoena?
01/09/06 JE06-001 2, 2B; 4E, 4G, 4H May a judge testify as an expert in a legal malpractice action for which the judge was engaged prior to taking the bench?
07/18/06 JE06-007 2A, 2B Is a judge obligated to answer a subpoena commanding him/her to appear for a hearing or trial, when the judge has reason to believe he/she may be asked to provide character evidence? 
09/07/11 JE11-012 1, Rules 1.2 and
1.3; 3, Rule 3.3
May a justice of the peace pro tempore testify as an expert witness based on the judge's background in law enforcement and corporate security?