Ex Parte Communications

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
05/07/02 JE02-003 2; 3B(7)(a)(i)(ii); 3B(7)(c) May judges engage in ex-parte communications with county jail personnel with regard to the amount of bail established following an arrest, or in order to grant an "own recognizance" ("OR") release?
07/24/15 JE15-002 2, Rule 2.6, Rule 2.9 During administration of guardianship proceedings and oversight of the guardian, may a judge (1) consider nonparty communications concerning a guardian's conduct or the ward's welfare; and (2) initiate, permit, and consider an investigation based upon a citizen's complaint or upon information received in an investigation conducted by court officers.
10/02/15 JE15-003 1, Rule 1.2;
2, Rule 2.6, Rule 2.9
May a judge participate in ex-parte communications with a defendant or his or her counsel to negotiate an early case resolution of a misdemeanor traffic citation prior to the case going to trial?
03/11/16 JE16-001 2, Rule 2.6, Rule 2.9 Whether a judge violates the Code of Judicial Conduct when the judge accepts, considers, and acts upon documents received from the Division of Parole and Probation that are not served on the State or the defense.
11/09/21    JE21-001 Application VI [1]; 1, Rule 1.2; 2, Rule 2.6, Rule 2.9 Propriety of a Justice of the Peace amending misdemeanor charges, dismissing misdemeanor cases, and/or participating in misdemeanor plea negotiations without substantive District Attorney involvement