Campaign/Political Activities & Fundraising

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
10/20/98 JE98-005 5A, 5C(1), 5D** May a judicial candidate place campaign materials at a booth sponsored by a political party at the Nevada State Fair or comparable event?
10/20/08 JE98-006 2B, 5A(1)(b)** May a judge submit a private letter to the appointing authority supporting a candidate for appointment to a judicial office? May a judge write a private letter of support endorsing a candidate for election to a public office? 
07/15/99 JE99-005
May a candidate for election to judicial office who was appointed to a different judicial office in a different court while the campaign was in progress, use campaign contributions generated during the campaign to retire a campaign debt incurred during an unsuccessful previous judicial campaign or retain the funds for use in a future judicial campaign? 
05/06/02 JE02-004 3A(3)(d)(iii) May a candidate for election to judicial office, who serves as an unpaid part-time judge, appear in a judicial robe in campaign advertising?
07/12/02 JE02-005 2; 2B; 5A and 5C** Do the canons of judicial ethics allow Nevada judges to make political contributions to judicial and non-judicial candidates?
NOTE: On December 22, 2006, the Nevada Supreme Court issued an Order Amending the Commentary of Canon 5A(1) of the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct in Administrative Docket No. 403, which addresses and expressly overrules the Standing Committee's opinion.  The relevant language amending the commentary to Canon 5A(1) states: " A Judge or Judicial candidate's donation to a candidate or political organization that is otherwise permitted by state or federal law is not considered a public endorsement of a candidate for political office." 
12/12/03 JE03-004 5A(3)(d)(iii)* May a full time court master campaign for the position of state district judges while wearing a judicial robe? 
12/26/03 JE03-005 5C(2)** May a candidate for judicial office send out mailings announcing an upcoming campaign event prior to the commencement of the 240 day judicial campaign season established in Canon 5C(2) of the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct?
01/10/05 JE05-001 5C(2)** May an unopposed judicial candidate who is declared elected after a primary election solicit contributions for the candidate's campaign for up to 90 days after the general election?
05/11/06 JE06-002 2A, 4E, 4F, 4H Is a senior district judge required by reason of such office to file the campaign contribution and expense reports required by NRS 294A.120 and NRS 294A.200?
06/23/06 JE06-006 5C** May a judge or a judicial candidate place his or her name on the website of a political party for the purpose of providing a link to the website of the judge or judicial candidate, at which site the campaign materials of the judge or judicial candidate are located?
07/21/06 JE06-008
1; 2; 4; 5A,
May a candidate in a judicial election who is not serving in a judicial capacity on a full or part-time basis: (1) continue to publish a weekly newspaper column, and (2) appear in media advertisements, neither of which directly support his or her candidacy? 
08/22/06 JE06-011 1, 1A; 2; 4(C); 5A, 5C** May a candidate in a judicial election, who is not serving in a judicial capacity on a full- or a part-time basis, sponsor, in the name of the candidate's campaign, a fund-raiser for a non-profit organization, which organization would receive all of the proceeds raised?
09/15/06 JE06-014 5A(3)(d)(ii)** May an elected, "continuing part-time judge"; (1) wear a judicial robe in campaign advertising, and (2) use the words "judge" or "re-elect judge" in campaign advertising? 
10/06/06 JE06-016 5, 5C(1)(a)(ii)** May a judge or judicial candidate participate in a parade as part of an entry sponsored by a political party, which entry is intended to represent that party's candidates for state and local office? 
10/17/06 JE06-017 5A(1)(b)** May a person who lost in the primary election move on to endorse one of the candidates from the same race who made it through the primary?
12/22/06 JE06-020
4; 5C** 
May a judge use campaign contributions to pay attorney fees associated with the defense of an ethics complaint against the judge?
08/10/07 JE07-008 2; 3B(2); 4; 5** May a judge participate in, and continue to be a member of clubs and committees affiliated with a political party?
NOTE: Readers should consult the current version of the Revised Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct as the rules were changed by the Supreme Court (Administrative Docket No. 413) following the issuance of the opinion. 
08/30/07 JE07-009 2A and 2B Does a Nevada jurist violate judicial canons if he or she serves as a reference for a candidate for appointment to another judicial office?
12/26/07 JE07-013 2; 2B; 5** May a group of judges issue joint invitations to potential supporters to attend a joint function concerning their candidacy for election to their current positions?

JE08-002 Amended

5C** May a candidate for election to judicial office identify himself or herself as a member of a political party: (i) In response to a request by the print media and/or broadcast medias: (ii) in his or her campaign literature?
03/07/08 JE08-003 5A, 5B, 5C** May a candidate for election to judicial office who is not presently serving in a judicial capacity on a full- or part-time basis continue to serve as an officer of a Bar Association? 
04/24/08 JE08-005 5C(3)** May a candidate for municipal court judge solicit and receive contributions for his or her re-election campaign beginning on a date within 120 days before the primary election but prior to the date upon which an opposition candidate files a declaration of candidacy?
06/17/09 JE08-006 5** 1. May a candidate for a district court seat refer to service as an alternate municipal judge in campaign materials?
2. May a candidate who has served as an alternate municipal court judge wear a judicial robe in campaign materials? 
07/18/08 JE08-007 5A and 5C** May a senior judge attend a $500 per plate fund raising luncheon being held to support the reelection campaign of a judge?
08/22/08 JE08-009 4, Rules 4.1(A)(7), 4.2(A)(2),(5) and 4.2(B)(4)-(5) May a candidate for election to Nevada state judicial office accept a campaign contribution from a political organization?
12/22/09 JE09-006 5C(2)** May a person continue in their office or employment while a candidate for judicial office if employed in a position of administrative prosecutorial authority by an agency, corporation or other public institution that is established by Nevada statute or court rule?
02/26/10 JE10-001
4.1(A)(7), 4.2(A)(2)
(5) and 4(B)(4)-(5)
May a candidate for election to Nevada state judicial office accept a campaign contribution from a political organization?
08/02/10 JE10-005 1, 4, Rule 1.3,
Rule 4.1(A)(3),
Rule 4.1(A)(4),
Rule 4.1(C)
May a judge conduct a "meet and greet" event in the privacy of his home for the benefit of a fellow judge who is seeking re-election?
08/12/10 JE10-007 1.4, Rule 1.3,
Rule 4.1(A)(3)
May a judge display a candidate support sign for another candidate for public office on his or her residential property or other property readily identified in the community as being owned by the judge?
08/12/10 JE10-008 1, Rule 1.3; 2, Rule 2.10; 3, Rules 3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.7 and 3.10; 4, Rule 4.1 May a judge serve on a committee created by a city for the purpose of assisting the city in drafting a ballot advisory question involving a proposed tax increase where the committee itself takes no position on the merits of the proposed tax increase?
10/05/10 JE10-009
1, Rule 1.3; 4, 
Rule 4.1(A)(3)
Does a judge violate Canon 4 if the judge's spouse independently decides to display a support sign for a candidate for public office at the shared residence of the judge and spouse?
10/05/10 JE10-011
4, Rules 4.1(A)(9)
and 4.2(A)(6)
May a district judge use excess campaign funds to either (1) make contributions to the campaigns of other candidates for elective office; or (2) pay the expenses associated with attending public functions, membership fees in civic or professional organizations, communications with the public and for campaign staff support between elections?
10/08/10 JE10-012
4, Rules 4.1(A)(3),
4.1(A)(4), 4.2(A)(3)
and 4.2(A)(4)
May candidates for election or retention to various Nevada judicial offices participate in an invitation announcing a group campaign event sponsored by a law firm that solicits a minimum contribution payable to a political action committee and suggests additional campaign contributions to an invitee's candidate(s) of choice? 
11/22/10 JE10-013
1, Rules 1-3; 3, 
Rules 3.2(A) and 3.4; 4, Rule 4.1(A)(3)
May an incumbent justice of the peace who is retiring from his or her judicial office prior to the expiration of the term of such office accept an appointment to serve on a committee or panel that will evaluate a list of candidates for appointment to replace the retiring justice of the peace? 
04/12/11 JE11-004
4, Rules 4.1(A)(9)
and 4.2(A)(6)
May a judge use excess campaign funds after successful election to office to (1) purchase flags with the judge's name printed on them as 'donor' for distribution during a parade; or (2) sponsor a children's sports team? 
09/01/11 JE11-011
4, Rules 4.1(A)(9)
and 4.2(A)(6)
May a judge use excess campaign funds after successful election to office purchase a home security system?
02/17/12 JE12-001 4, Rule 4.1(A) May a candidate for election to judicial office accept an invitation to speak at an event that is sponsored by a political organization when the invitation does not expressly state that only judicial candidates who are registered members of a given political party will be allowed to speak?
03/09/12 JE12-002 4, Rules 4.1(A)(3) and 4.2 May two candidates for different judicial offices participate in a public parade by riding together on the same float?
03/22/12 JE12-003 1, Rule 1.2;
2, Rule 2.11;
4, Rule 4.1
May a judicial candidate, in connection with seeking an endorsement from a politically active group, sign a campaign pledge to actively support certain legal positions and respond to a questionnaire on the candidate's qualifications and opinions on legal issues?
03/28/12 JE12-004 4, Rule 4.1 May a judge or candidate for election to judicial office serve as a delegate to a county, state, or national political convention?
04/13/12 JE12-005 4, Rule 4.2 May a judicial candidate solicit or accept campaign contributions during the period that the candidate circulates a nominating petition for the judicial office pursuant to NRS 293.165?
08/15/12 JE12-008 4, Rule 4.1 May a judicial candidate: (1) accept a $400 campaign contribution for a partisan political organization; (2) make campaign materials available to the public at a political party office; or (3) use a political party to disseminate campaign lawn signs and literature? 
06/14/13 JE13-003
1, Rules 1.2 and
1.3; 3, Rules 3.1
and 3.10; 4, Rule
May a judge act as an informal legal advisor to a political organization, and does the answer differ if the judge is a justice of the peace or a municipal court judge?
May an office holder or member of a political organization use the resources of the political organization to support a judicial candidate? 
05/14/15 JE15-001
4; Rules 4.1,
4.2 and 4.4
May a sitting judge i) actively campaign against a recall petition that has been filed with the election officer; and ii) solicit or accept campaign contributions to defeat the recall petition and any subsequent special recall election?