Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
10/18/00 JE00-006 2A, 2D; 3B(9) May the judges of a judicial district appoint one of the district judges not hearing the case to serve as a media liaison officer to answer media questions in high profile cases?
05/31/06 JE06-003
1; 2, 2A; 4A;
May a sitting judge have a "judicial business card" printed in a magazine or other publication?
10/25/07 JE07-011 3A(7) May a judge allow a television station to videotape an entire trial with the videotape to be posted to the television station's website for viewing by the general public?



JE08-002 Amended

5C(1), 5C(1)(a)(ii)** May a candidate for election to judicial office identify himself or herself as a member of a political party: (i) In response to a request by the print media and/or broadcast medias: (ii) in his or her campaign literature?
12/18/08 JE08-016
2B; 3B(9), 3B(10);
4A(1), 4A(3), 4B
May a judge host a television program on a public access channel featuring discussions by expert proponents on issues of state and local current public concern?
06/05/12 JE12-007
1, Rule 1.3; 
3, Rule 3.1
May a judge act as a co-host of a television program on a commercial television network with a practicing lawyer as his co-host?
12/30/21      JE21-002
1, Rule 1.3;
2, Rule 2.1
3, Rules 3.1, 3.12, 3.14
 May a sitting judicial officer: (1) maintain a blog containing articles on various legal topics written by the officer and published prior to their ascent to the bench; (2) after taking the bench, continue selling and receiving royalties from books they authored prior to taking the bench; (3) after taking the bench, refer to their judicial office when providing biographical information in the body of a book they intend to sell; (4) after taking the bench, advertise books on legal topics they have authored for sale as long as they do not refer to their office in the advertisements; and (5) after taking the bench, author and publish books from which they hope to profit through sale or royalty?