Conflict of Interest

Date Opinion Number Canon(s) Question(s) 
08/12/10 JE10-006
2, Rule 2.6;
3, Rule 3.9
May a judge conduct a mediation or settlement conference in a case pending before another judge in the same or another judicial district when requested or assigned to do so by the judge presiding over the case?

07/22/11 JE11-007 3, Rules 3.1(B)
and 3.1(C)
May a judge serve as an appointed member on a multidisciplinary team organized pursuant to Senate Bill 66 (2011) and NRS 33.018 to review the death of the victim of a crime constituting domestic violence?

07/22/11 JE11-008 1, Rule 1.3;
3, Rule 3.3
May a judge voluntarily provide written comments to the Parole Board regarding the release of a prisoner where the judge, prior to taking the bench, served as the district attorney that prosecuted the prisoner?

09/01/11 JE11-009 3, Rules 3.1,
3.7(a)(6) and 3.8(A)
May a Nevada district court judge accept appointment as a Volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate or to serve on the Board of Directors of the CASA Foundation?

  12/30/21  JE21-002 1, Rule 1.3;
2, Rule 2.1
3, Rules 3.1, 3.12, 3.14
May a sitting judicial officer: (1) maintain a blog containing articles on various legal topics written by the officer and published prior to their ascent to the bench; (2) after taking the bench, continue selling and receiving royalties from books they authored prior to taking the bench; (3) after taking the bench, refer to their judicial office when providing biographical information in the body of a book they intend to sell; (4) after taking the bench, advertise books on legal topics they have authored for sale as long as they do not refer to their office in the advertisements; and (5) after taking the bench, author and publish books from which they hope to profit through sale or royalty?